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Information about Trocar / Redon Needle

  • Trocar / Redon Needle :-

    A sharply pointed shaft, usually with a Three sided point. A Trocar / Redon Needle may be used within a Cannula, a Hollow Tube designed to be inserted into a Vein, Artery, Bone Marrow or body cavity. The word “Trocar” is derived from the French “Trois” (Three) & “Carre” (Side).

  • Uses of Trocar / Redon Needle

    Close Wound Drainage Trocars / Redon Needle are today most commonly used in a single patient use instrument and have graduated from the design that give them their name, to either a knifebladed “Chisel Point ” product, or something that is entirely blade free. This flatter design offers greater patient safety due to the technique used to insert them.

    Close Wound Drainage Trocars / Redon Needles are also used near the end of the embalming process to provide drainage of bodily fluids and organs after the vascular replacement of blood with embalming chemicals. It is attached to a suction hose (which usually is attached to a running water source and drain known as a hydro aspirator).

    The process of removing organs using the Close Wound Drainage Trocar / Redon Needle is known as vacuum aspiration. The instrument is inserted into the body two inches above and two inches to the right of the Belly-Button from the embalmer’s perspective. After the thoracic abdominal have been aspirated, the end of the Trocar / Redon Needle hose is detached from the hydro aspiration and attached to a bottle of high index cavity fluid.