Closed Wound Drainage Trocar
(Redon Needle)

Closed Wound Drainage Trocar (Redon Needle)

Information about Trocar / Redon Needle

  • This Redon Needle / Wound Drainage Trocar with Knife edge sharply designed Negative Pressure, Post Operatively, and made of Surgical grade S. S. Material, causing lesser Trauma (Damage of Tissues) during insertion and bendable to meet operational requirements are always in ready stock.

  • As per Customer’s Specifications, (exacting & critical), our stainless steel trocars are designed and developed to offer excellent performance and operational safety.

    The Redon Needle / Wound Drainage Trocar has a connection end that is either threaded or barbed or machined smooth to a specific diameter because it MUST be attached to a specific tube as a component within a Redon Needle / Wound Drainage system. The word “trocar” or “trocars” is derived from the French “trois” (three) + “carre” (side). Ironically Redon Needle / Wound Drainage Trocars are typically only two faceted (sided) components.

    The angle of our PVC Connector portion are specially design for better and strong grip connection which enables it to bear the load of 03 Kgs to 05 Kgs.

We undertake and welcome your own Standards & Specifications meeting with exactly your demand.

Redon guide needle with knife edge for Redon drain Ch. 12, D: 4.0 mm, L: 200 mm.